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Callie's Kustoms Balancing Beads

Our Stainless Steel Dynamic Tire Balancing beads are 100% reusable, Anti-static lubed and made in Germany. They improve gas mileage, save on tire wear (balanced tires last up-to 30% longer) and increase suspension life. Our beads won’t damage tire rims. No need for a wheel balancing machine. These beads save you time and money, with a one time investment you’ll never need a tire balancer or have to pay to balance your tires again!

These are not the cheap glass beads that are often sold as balancer beads. These beads won't clump, rust, or wear out. They weigh 3 times as much as glass and almost twice as much as the ceramic beads. They are also 2-3 times bigger than most beads on the market. The bigger beads won't clog air valves and are not affected by static cling. They simply work better than the micro beads.

Why They Work

Inertia balanced tires are re-balanced every time you stop and start. So if your tires get plugged with mud or loose a big chunk of rubber on your 4x4 mud tires our balancing beads counteract this weight and your tires stay balanced! We have had a lot of people use these beads and were shocked how much better their tires run. Sometimes people will blame the tread pattern as being the cause of harshness when it’s really the tires being out of balance.

Easy to Use!

We recommend 1oz of beads per 12lbs tire weight. You can find this information on the tire manufacturers website or send us an email if you’re not sure. These beads are larger than most on the market so we recommend breaking the rim bead to install them. If you don't want to break the bead you can use a quick change valve tools to remove and install valves stems from the outside (AME 51025 Quick Change Valve Tool) We also include instructions on how to measure out the beads WITHOUT A SCALE. We personally use these beads in our Quads, Trucks and Cars and I will never go back to lead weights again!

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Please understand these are not magic and wont fix flat spots, bent rims, poor steering geometry or worn out suspension components. These beads have been proven effective with hundreds of millions of miles of real use.  Balance beads are very common in the trucking industry, with 4x4's and motorcycles.

** Not for use with Tubes **