MowZilla is the Original Nitrous powered push lawn mower!

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Q: What kind of mower is it?
A: It started out life as a 6.75hp Sears Craftsman.

Q: How much HP does the K&N air filter add?
A: We would guess about 30-40 FWHP

Q: This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen.
A: Thanks for the input we really appreciate it : )

Q: What is that white stuff shooting out of the mower?
A: It's the nitrous purge. Technicaly it's to remove air from the lines, but mostly it looks cool : )

Q: Is the Nitrous really hooked up?
A: YES! Look at the slide show above again. The NOS is clearly hooked up to the intake.

Q: If it's hooked up why doesn't the RPM change in the video.
A: The audio is an overlay from a song. The audio from the song is actually a Harley. DUHHHH.

Q: Can I put Nitrous on my lawn mower?
A: Yes, we highly recommend it. Nitrous is actually good for engines, it repairs piston rings, and main bearings. It even seals old gaskets, improves gas mileage and is good for the environment : )

Q: So how long will the motor last?
A: Who knows, we were kind of hoping the motor would blow up during the first video but Briggs makes some damn tough motors. I have seen a Briggs engine run without oil till it seized, after it cooled down it started right back up!

Q: So how much money do you have into MowZilla?
A: About $900 including the mower. The nitrous system is removable and we also use it on our truck. Not bad when you consider a new Honda mower retails for $1169 and that doesn’t even include a Cherry bomb muffler.

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